How to get the Work Permit in Spain

Visiting a country is always exciting, the only problem is that it usualy is also expensive. Saving money to travel a country is a good idea but if you are planning on staying for longer than two or three months, it will be a good idea finding a job or a part-time job that will help you financing your stay.

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But working in a foreign country is always complicated. You need to meet some characteristics, go through a certain procedure and of course, find a job adjusted to your requirements.

If you are in Spain or are thinking about coming to Spain and work but you don’t know how you can do it, you can keep reading to find out.

Requirements for foreign citizens to work in Spain

  • Being over 16. This is the minimum age to work in Spain. If you are going to work as a freelance, you will need to be over 18.
  • In order to apply for residence and employment, you need to have a job offer from a Spanish employer or company. You cannot apply if your situation in Spain is not legal.
  • The job position to which you are aspiring must have been evaluated, it must have been proven that no Spanish, Communitarian or authorized foreign citizen worker can fill the available position.
  • The employer interested on hiring you must submit the authorization request along with the required documentation. The contract must be formalized before your arrival in Spain. Once the authorization has been approved, you will have a month to apply for a visa at a consular office in your country and for signing the contract.
  • Having your Visa approved, you will travel to Spain. Your Visa will not be valid for longer than three months.
  • Once you are in Spain, you will be able to start working as soon as you wish and you will have to register and affiliate to the Spanish Social Security.
  • You will have to apply for your foreigner identification card. You will only be able to do it within a month after receiving your first salary and you can do it in Foreigners Offices of in Police Stations.