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settle in spain

What a European must do to live in Spain

If you are from the outside of the European Union, most likely you will need a permit to live and work in Spain. But, if you are an EU citizen and you are planning to settle in Spain… Lucky you! Because, as there is almost no paperwork required, you … Leer
Accommodation Spain

How to find accommodation in Spain

You have just arrived in Spain (or are planning on coming) and you need to find accommodation. You are lucky you are reading this. I am an expert in this subject. Whenever we are looking for a place to stay, especially if it is in a foreign country, we … Leer
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How to get the Work Permit in Spain

Visiting a country is always exciting, the only problem is that it usualy is also expensive. Saving money to travel a country is a good idea but if you are planning on staying for longer than two or three months, it will be a good idea finding a job or a … Leer

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